2oz Glass Jars, Clear Glass Jars w/ Lined White Plastic Ribbed Caps

Eczema is one of the most common skin conditions in children and it is at an all time high. Chemical irritants are in your everyday personal and household products, they are exposed to these chemicals on a daily basis. Eczema is basically your immune system responding to the overwhelming toxins and allergens. Doctors, dermatologists, and drug companies want to suppress the symptoms for a while so you think they are working. It's an on going cycle and loading of chemical after chemical. Rinkorganics Eczema Cream is the perfect formula for your child. Our formula is free of steroids, dyes, petroleum based ingredients, synthetic fragrance, parabens, and nasty toxic chemicals. This product will soothe your childs itchy and irritated skin leaving it subtle and soft. 

Ingredients: Organic lavender e.o, organic tea tree oil, organic rosemary e.o, organic jojoba oil, organic argan oil, organic roman chamomile e.o, organic beeswax


Apply a small amount to the affected areas twice per day or as needed.