1oz Flat Tin Container 2.0" width x .7" height 

    The RinkOrganics vapor rub has all the active ingredients that famous brands use without all the junk such as petrolatum (processed crude oil) turpentine, a toxic substance that can be fatal to children, parabens, diazolidinyl urea (a formaldehyde releasing chemical that is toxic), PEG-100 Stearate (often contaminated with cancer-inducing dioxane).

    Vapor rub is a product that I have used every winter for as long as I can remember.  This was my grandmothers cure for everything!!  I will still carry on tradition, chemical free :-)

    Ingredients: 100% organic coconut oil, organic eucalyptus E.O., organic peppermint E.O., organic lavender E.O.

    Directions: Rub on chest and bottoms of feet. Do not apply directly under the nose.