My husband and I are into a very holistic and organic lifestyle. We exercise daily and eat healthy organic foods most of the time, of course there is always that occasional treat!

One day we started looking into all the products we use daily and became obsessed with the number of ingredients on the labels. Most of these products, that we ALL use daily, are made up of synthetic chemicals. We thought to ourselves, if we can’t pronounce these ingredients then they must not be good for us. So we decided to stop “donating” to the multi-billion dollar skin care/cosmetics industry that uses harsh and un-natural ingredients in their products.

I’ve always used essential oils and became fascinated with mixing my own products to see what worked best for my husband and me. After doing this we never went back to using store brought products. So I decided to put together a line of topical products made from my own 100% organic creations. Products range from bug repellents to sun block to lip balm, all made with pure organic ingredients only.

We believe in treating our bodies the best way we possibly can both inside and out and want to promote this lifestyle through our products.

Vianca & Kevin Rinko